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Christmas against Phonix Suns

    It’s a really fantastic Chistmas to see Lakers have got a splendid start in this new Season. Although a lot of things happen in summer, Lakers is still itself, everyone get himself a improvement, especially Andrew Bynum. Bynum, a 7-0” height young man, gradually show his dominate power in the three seconds territory. Compared with 36-year-old Shaq, Andrew has some confidence to become a new "Shaq", a new super power center.
    Kobe doesn’t leave! Another good news for Lakers. Whearas trade gossip all around the league, Kobe has denied all. By watching Farmer, Sasha, Ranny–all his teamates relesae their energy,  Kobe is so impressed. As Steve Kerr said, if Kobe helpd his teamates, it will bring Lakers a much better team. Now the fact is this. Larmar Odom  could be double-double in some matches, Luke Walton create nice pass to others, Radmanovic get wide open three……
    Everything is all right for LA. Lakers. So is the new colleague, Trevor Ariza. With a trade between Olrando Magic, Lakers said bye-bye to lazy Brain Cook and poor Maurice Evans, got Ariza. I bet Ariza will let everybody know his name in the next coming seasons, but now he is out of expectation. We can see chemical effect on Ariza and his new partners. As he absolutely rocks the rim against his former teamate Grant Hill, Ariza has a good starting in his new team. He graduated from UCLA, and now he goes back to this city. Experienced ups and downs outside, son of LA came back. Don’t worry, Lakers will fulfill your dream and help you become a Champion member.
    What is LA Lakers most wanted? Absolutely the champion. Now that Phil has nine rings, just one finger, Kobe and his teamate need try their effort to help their coach to get his "last but not the least" dream.
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