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Who is the MVP of this season?

    At the end of this season, prize should be given to the best player.
    This is what we want, and the most people want. But now, who is?
    When you are in L.A., maybe you will choose Kobe Byant, who leads Lakers to the Top teams of the West Division; when you are in New Orlean, you vote for Chris Paul, who helpds Hornets become No.1; when you are in Boston, K.G is you favourite; when in Cleverland, LeBron James takes it.
     Ok, these people are enough. They should be honored, as they prove their energy, capability, leadership, "big" brave heart and the most important —-they help their teamates become different. As we have seen, Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitziki meets these standards, and they are admitted Most Valuable Player last two seasos.
     However, things changed in this season. There are many amazing things happened in this season, such as big deal, 22 straight victory, Boston revival, etc. All of these get the vote something strange from the later one. Almost everyone can provide plenty of materials to show how he is greatest enough. Anyhow, please remember the prize could be sent to only ONE, not as many as.
     Who is the ONE? Please wait, wait until the result of Lakers vs Hornets. Kobe and Paul will devote their leadership to help their team to be the Only ONE; and at the same time, the MVP is coming. 
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