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Cann’t wait for Jack Bauer

        24 has come back to true life. So is Jack, the hero of this series, the hero who is always accused by torturing suspects to get information he need. He has little complaints, he never give up, for the benefit of the whole country, for the people around him, for the natives.
        I first watched 24 in 2006, a raining day. When I was in my dorm, feeling a little boring, and want to find something on ftp sites in the Intranet. Then, I found 24, instead of prison break or hero, the latter one. I don’t know why I chose 24, all what I know is I love this series from then on, until now.
       Hope Jack could bring me more in the next episodes.
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  1. 联池
    February 19, 2009 at 10:34

    hello my old friend, how are you doing?

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