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LeBron James: Overate

    Every away match in each season, fans supporting host lift bannner meaning "overate" to welcome all-star players against them. Many staffs view it as one method to show who they worry about, which take no care about it. However, to LeBron James, this takes another side of coin. I mean, it’s ral that he accept this evulation and turn himself to be a subprime plyaer in the new team. 
    It’s incredible — especially when he disclosure this secret on nation-wide TV show — it exists in real time, real workd! Wow! Three players. drafting in 2003. will work around together to strive for a world champion title, in ocassion that one man had had it before.
    What I want to express is that, all of this, shock everybody taking interest in "where he will go" this summer. New York, trading Amare Stoudemire, New Jersey, kicking Yi Jianlian out of squad, Chicago, getting Carlos Boozer, and Cleveland, LeBron’s hometown, meeting everything LeBron want in last two season. All of them want to show their potential and capbility to meet this emperor’s demand. but all in vain. This main actor. just want to play basketball with some friends and all of this occur! Some guys make it sense! Oh, my God!
    If Michael Jordan left Chicago Bulls before he got the first ring, how could people rate him now? Is he "the god of basketball" again? Could he enter the fame hall? Could he become the idol again? Unfortunetelly, when we seek for the next Michael or Kobe, we have to cross out LeBron James from this list. as for his fear, his lacking of self-confidence, his worrying of himself. All memory about "hero" will restart when this guy regards himself not as Moses.
    Maybe ten years later, when we memorize this incident, all of this summer leaving only one sentence: this guy could be the best of one team, well, he give it up.
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